We Rise Up

We Rise Up is a 90 minute micro budget feature. As the threat of a new bus route through a nature reserve and community garden project looms, local bristol activist group - uprising - take to the land and trees to occupy the land before the developers come in and destroy ancient woodland. Catherine, a lukewarm environmentalist tepidly joins in with the group from time to time, but must balance her personal ,life with her activism as she gets deeper into nature and struggles with her pragmatism vs idealist side. As she gets closer to nature and looks into the history or progress and development by landlord, councils and governments she see a different side to herself and the group and faces tough choices as the increasing activism she gets involved in puts a strain on her personal life, her career and her family. With the story of Catherine joining and becoming more integral to the small group holding off the bailiffs serving as a personal story of the wider development over nature story the film asks questions of each person and where they draw the line in looking for a better world and how we stop destroying nature and learn to love along side for a better future for all people and the world.

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