A Silent Feature Film Art Project

Inperfection is a film about art and unobtainable perfection.  It is a feature length silent film where the score and the script are written simultaneously, each informing the other to create a visually and sonically unique experience. Alongside this non-traditional production method is a uniquely planned public release - the film will go on tour with a live band performing the score.

Two artists' (Arn and Jules) paths cross - a musician and a painter - sonic art and visual art. They start a joyful, passionate relationship together as artists and as people.  They also approach their art in different ways, where Arn is wild, unthoughtful and obsessive, Jules is calm, precise and direct, which leads to the wonderful highs of their relationship as well as the dark lows that drive them both to the edge of their art, the relationship and their own breaking points.

Weaving original music and experimental sound design with live action, animation, and experiments in other artistic disciplines such as painting, Inperfection aims to be something to experience, behold and be enthralled by.


12.2014 - Development still paused whilst we work on Rest and maybe a few other less ambitious pieces.

01.2013 - Pause in production whilst I get 'Rest' off the ground, a short film using similar techniques and with a similar tone to 'InPerfection' that will hopefully work as a great teaser/moodfilm/experiment for 'InPerfection'
more details on 'Rest' here...

07.2012 - Short version first draft complete, works as both a film in it's own right and also as a great      showcase for techniques, score and aesthetics of feature.
06.2012 - Developing score references with composer, alternative, jazz, indie, minimal classical, blues, post-rock and experimental sounds all being played with.
05.2012 - Working with producer Lee Rayner to bring the film to life, already discussing the project with various production companies. 
03.2012 - Started work on short version of the same idea - silent film and live score - but with a completely new story.  It's always been the plan to do a short version at some point to test the idea, but the shorter idea has grown much bigger and become a project of it's own rather than just tests.
02.2012 - Huge funding application in process.  Acception/rejection in the next few weeks.
              - great feedback received from fellow film makers, amends to pitch document.
01.2012 - Composer secured. Project overview being sent to production companies/producers/directors for support.

12.2011 - Downtime for Xmas, tweaking story and a few more meetings.
11.2011 - Meeting with more collaborators and pitching to crew.
              - Representing last short film (w/ Scubaboy) at festivals & screenings, pitching
                project to producers and crew.
10.2011 - Project overview complete, start distribution of document.
09.2011 - Start meeting with collaborators and key crew.
                - Project overview (pitch) document draft 01
08.2011 - Early budget/schedule to see feasibility.
                - Character breakdowns and story draft 02.
07.2011 - Story outline complete.

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