I am a UK based writer/director/producer/maker of films, music videos, animations, commercials and other undefined moving image pieces.  You might call it art.  I probably would, but then I do have a loose definition of art.

I run  Scubaboy Inc - a small animation (mainly) company I co-own a in Bristol, UK.  Aside from Scubaboy Inc, I write and direct drama and experimental pieces (short and feature length).   I'm currently developing a few feature length projects which try their hardest to not fit into traditional film moulds.

In nearly all my films and art I try to provoke thought and somewhere (sometimes deep down) inside each piece I'm hoping to invoke positive change, both in the viewer and wider society. I believe films and art have the power to change minds, hearts, opinions and influence people worldwide.  I like to explore with the moving image, unpack my personal issues and seek out the vulnerable truth in various situations.  I've got an interests in anti-oppression, politics, activism and feminism.

Before I was what I am now, I was a location sound recordist, I worked on numerous short films which have exhibited at festivals worldwide and as part of the sound department I worked on the final three Harry Potter films.

Directing/Writing/Whatever Credits

Rest | 2015 | Short Film | Writer & Director
Projection & Frame | 2015 | Video Art | Artist
ISA Trafficking film | 2014 | Charity animation | Writer & Director
Around 80 Days In The World | 2014 | Short Art Documentary | Film maker
My Dream/My Reality | 2011 | Short Film | Co-Writer/Director
Dog Desire | 2008 | Short Film | Co-writer & Producer

Music Video/Visuals
'The Blue, The Green' by Lonely The Brave | 2014 | Music Video | Co-Director
Various Lyric Videos for Lonely The Brave | 2013 | Co-Director
'Chin Up, Son' by We Are The Ocean | 2012 | Co-Director
'If It's True' Jim Moray | 2011 | Music Video | Co-Director 
'Peggy Sang The Blues' by Frank Turner | 2011 | Music Video | Co-Director
'Money & Run' by UNKLE ft Nick Cave | 2011| Live Visual | Co-Director 
'People & Leaves' by New Volunteer | 2009 | Live Promo | Director [w/ Scubaboy & Nathan Johnson]
'Moving Parts' by Mr. Fogg | 2009 | Music Video | Co-Director
'Forced' by Cagedbaby | 2009 | Music Video | Director [as half of Scubaboy] w/ Chris Stone

Annabel Karmel | 2014 | Animated TVCs | Director
Going Local - The National Trust | 2011 | Commercial | Director

Other Selected Credits
The Place Of My Birth |2015 | Short Film, dir: Matt Harris-Freeth | 1st Assistant Director
'Rust' by Akase | 2015 | Music Video, dir: James Ward | Producer
Crocodile | 2014 | Short Film, dir: Matthew Harris-Freeth | Sound Department
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2 | 2010-2011 | Feature Film | Sound Department
Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince | 2009 | Feature Film | Sound Department
Waiting For Exit Music | 2007 | Short Film, dir: David Stoddart | 1st Assistant Director