Projection & Frame

Projection & Frame from Jonathan Hardy on Vimeo.

The purpose of art and specifically film for me is the connection with the audience, my work might be political at times - because I want to talk politics with the audience, my work may be emotional at times - because I want to engage the audience on a raw emotional level. Whilst Projection & Frame is not specifically political or with emotional rawness, it still has audience engagement at it’s centre - pushing the audience to react to the subject - a normally passive character in their portrait viewing. We turn the tables on the audience as they go from being in control - the objectifier - to the objectified.

Then how will the viewer feel? Their position as viewer will change with each emotional shift - some may feel awkward at the unwanted voyeurism, some may feel a lack of power at being watched by a portrait, some may question their position as a viewer and how they should feel peering into the identity of another.

The aim is to push the boundaries of portraits and their purpose, which are often one way, a passive image, static, sometimes emotionless, looking for a truth in who that person is - but here we have an active, false person, pushing back on the people that have come to see someone else laid bare in a gallery.

This debuted at the NeoPortraiture exhibition in April 2015 at the Island gallery, Bristol, when viewed in the gallery the piece was lifesize and at eye level, so there was a real sense of confrontation when standing just inches away from the subject.

Concept and Filming - Jonathan Hardy
Actor - Catherine Guy

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