2016 in development

Looking ahead to 2016 and my continuing drive towards making more films and pushing the political and social nature of the work I'm doing, there's a few key projects that I'm developing for shooting in the first half of the year.  Alongside these, towards the end of last year I started a group of political film makers in Bristol with my friend Elizabeth - we're trying to build stronger networks of people working in political film and documentary to help each other out and create better work and create more of an impact with what we make.  As a lot of us are not mainstream film makers- due to the subject matter, the main route forward in funding, production and exhibition is through making stronger networks, working together and finding grass routes audiences and building small and big movements where we can.

A Hopeful Journey
This is a quick film about a 2 year old girl fleeing a catastrophe in her hometown.  It's a 3 minute short that I'm filming with my (nearly three year old) daughter in Feb/March.  She hard at work in rehearsals.  The film is about growing up, maturity and innocence, as well as bringing in some other subtle themes of a girl in puberty as well as being a refugee.  It's an experiment in creating a film around what a really young child can do and making the most of some expressions she knows, some ways of moving and eating and acting and being a kid.

The Border Between Them and Us
I've been reading a lot about and of Brecht in the last year, and wanting to create something that fits in with his various ideas about the distancing effect to push political ideas, I've been working on a 10 minute script about a group of refugees at a border crossing who have various statuses as migrant and refugees and their experience of being allowed or denied access to safety.  Each actor switches roles in each 'scene' to show the artifice of not only the film, but also borders and nation state constructions of citizen and immigration.  I'm hoping to shoot this in April or May with a group of real refugees playing the roles and bringing some of their experience to the piece.

If you're local to Bristol and interested in meeting and networking with others making political film work (in various forms) check out the Facebook group here

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