Call for moving image artists

I’m a filmmaker and artist (among other things) looking to get a few Bristol filmmakers/artists/other together in 2015 to create an informal group to potentially put on an exhibition.  I’m really looking to bring together a loose collective of moving image artists (or related fields) as this is my area of work primarily, although it would be interesting to see how slightly different disciplines/mediums/styles/technologies could work side by side in a single exhibition and compliment each other.

By day I’m a director/writer/producer of mainly animation, drama, music videos and live visuals but I’ve been looking towards video art for some new projects so its a slightly new field for me (whilst closely connected to a lot of work I’ve already done)  you can see more about me here:

Looking for Bristol artists only (or very close by) as it’s nice to have a local thing to build on.  It’s an informal thing really, so if you are also looking for this type of thing then it would be interesting to hear about your practice and art. I'm assuming that whatever is done (both art and show) will be self funded. I don’t know how many people we’d need to form the informal group, but it would be good to hear your ideas as well. 

Please get in touch via if you have any questions or to tell me about your art.

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