Around 80 Days In The World

Last July my partner Laura was rushed to hospital at 27 weeks of pregnancy.  After 4 days of a worsening situation the surgeons decided to operate.  During the operation they had to deliver the baby - so our daughter, Lux, was born 3 months early, weighing 2.2lbs and spent nearly the equivalent time getting healthy enough to come home.

Although I naturally would take photos or film my new baby, this was a different situation.  Not knowing at times if she would survive I filmed and took pictures each day because the act of filming, creating a documentary whilst in the middle of horrendous turmoil and uncertainty meant that I had hope for the future - I knew I wouldn't ever show this film had she not survived, so filming meant I had hope that she would. On the worst days in the hospital, at times when it was touch and go I continued filming, because to give up on filming would be giving up on the hope that she would be ok.

Thanks always to all the staff at St. Michael's Hospital in Bristol for helping us through one of the most difficult times in our lives and looking after our baby when she came into the world. We owe so much to so many people.

Cots for tots is the charity that supports special care babies in St. Michaels hospital -

Also thanks to Bliss, a charity that helps premature and special care babies -

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