We Are The Ocean - Chin Up, Son

Our friends at Hassle Records contacted us late 2012 and asked us if we could help them out with a video they wanted to make for one of their bands. 'We Are The Ocean' are known as a rock band with a pretty serious image - these boys know how to make a noise.

The final track on their latest album however, is a bit more acoustic in nature than their usual sound, and they wanted to shoot a video that showed a different side to the band - something a bit more light-hearted.

We were up for the challenge and pulled together a shoot in super quick time to fit in with the bands schedule. We essentially spent a day making a huge mess at The Trinity Centre in Bristol playing with toys usually reserved for a 7th birthday party! The band were up for it and got stuck in, and we all had a good laugh, which hopefully comes across in the finished video.

Director - Scubaboy
Producer - Mease, James Ward
Editor - James Ward Jon Hardy
Grade - Stef Roberts
Camera & Lighting - Ian Oakley
Grip - Stef Roberts
Production Assistant - Joe O'Hare

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