Lonely The Brave - Lyric Videos

You would probably describe Lonely The Brave as a rock band, but that really only tells half the story.

There's something a bit different about these guys and their songs, and we knew straight away we wanted to be involved with what they were doing. It was also pretty exciting to get the opportunity to be involved with a project like this from the start, something we've been keen to do for a while.

The idea is for each video to represent something visually relevant to song based around the lyrics which have been hand-written by Dave, the bands lead signer.

This is an ongoing project and we will be uploading new projects here as we go.

Creative Directors - James Ward, Jon Hardy
Design, Animation, Editing - James Ward
Editing - Jon Hardy

We Are The Ocean - Chin Up, Son

Our friends at Hassle Records contacted us late 2012 and asked us if we could help them out with a video they wanted to make for one of their bands. 'We Are The Ocean' are known as a rock band with a pretty serious image - these boys know how to make a noise.

The final track on their latest album however, is a bit more acoustic in nature than their usual sound, and they wanted to shoot a video that showed a different side to the band - something a bit more light-hearted.

We were up for the challenge and pulled together a shoot in super quick time to fit in with the bands schedule. We essentially spent a day making a huge mess at The Trinity Centre in Bristol playing with toys usually reserved for a 7th birthday party! The band were up for it and got stuck in, and we all had a good laugh, which hopefully comes across in the finished video.

Director - Scubaboy
Producer - Mease, James Ward
Editor - James Ward Jon Hardy
Grade - Stef Roberts
Camera & Lighting - Ian Oakley
Grip - Stef Roberts
Production Assistant - Joe O'Hare