The politics of cinema and film making

A short introduction about who I am and what I want.

I believe in the power of cinema, I've been affected and altered numerous times, my thoughts have been provoked, I've questioned myself, I've doubted the world, I've loved more and been educated countless times.  This is why I believe in the power of the cinema, in the power of art to inspire, change and connect to a viewer.

I became a film maker because I wanted to be part of that inspiration, connection and change.  I have many motivations and interests in the world that I want to explore - human rights, feminism, oppression, politics and Politics.  I consider myself a very political person, I regularly get involved in human rights and feminist campaigns, I'm pretty angry about the way the world works and I want to make it better.

I've been involved in various levels of the film industry - I've produced short films, I've directed music videos, I've worked on huge hollywood blockbusters and more. I've worked on over 100 film or video projects of all sizes, varieties and styles and one of my biggest concerns in all this is the horrendous under representation of women, people of colour, disabled people, LGBT people and other excluded groups in nearly all projects I've been part of - both on screen and on set.  This really matters.

There's often a lot of questioning and other groundwork behind my scripts and films so I thought I'd collect these thoughts, provide some arguments and provoke some thoughts about some of these issues that occupy my mind so that they can occupy my blog.