2012 round up

2012 has mainly been a busy year for working on building my production company Scubaboy Inc and also writing. I think I've laid some fairly solid foundations for working on not only some exciting animation projects and music videos with Scubaboy Inc, but also for some great shorts, the first I'm hoping to shoot in February.

InPerfection - I've spent the year continually rewriting the outline every time I work a little more with the composer, which ins a good thing. On the development front, we've made a small bit of progress with getting some great productions companies to potentially back the project, but no definite investors yet. It's always positive to get into the right meetings though, it shows there's some interest in a projects such as this.

Other projects - 'Rest' - I've spent the last few months of 2012 working on a very short, near-silent film about grief - a theme I've wanted to explore for a few years (since a personal experience) I've written something highly visual, but also supposedly very inexpensive, so hopefully just scraping together some money to get it going - its been too long shooting pure drama, so I'm looking forward to it.

All my other projects are currently still on official hold (including 'a family flees') whilst I concentrate on these films. Although unofficially I'm still tinkering with scripts and revising characters every now and again.

Looking forward to 2013.

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