Jim Moray - If It's True

'If It's True' is the lead single from Jim Moray's 2012 album 'Skulk'. The song originated from the Anais Mitchell folk opera 'Hadestown', in which Jim Moray performed the key role of 'Orpheus' in 2010.

As Jim is also Bristol based we worked closely with him during development on a variety of concepts ranging from simple performance based pieces to complex, time warping ideas. In the end the simpler ideas won out (much more fitting for the track and it's simple, building atmosphere).

We had one day to shoot with Jim in a variety of locations and landscapes around Bristol and North Somerset and luckily for us we chose one of the few glorious days of the summer. Clear blue skies which gave way to a beautiful sunset gave us the perfect backdrop for shooting.

The minimal story of Jim wandering through a never ending, looping journey of love, loss and searching is inspired by the story of Orpheus, who searches for his lost love as he descends into the underworld.