News - Awards and Nominations (and a bit of my history)

A few years ago, before I was directing films etc and running a production company, I worked as a freelance sound recordist -mainly on shorts and corporate/commercial work, but I also was incredibly fortunate to meet the right people at the right time and somehow ended up working in the sound department on the last three Harry Potter films.  That was nearly 3 years ago and just this week the film received a BAFTA nomination for best sound.  At this point I'd like to say in no way has my work been nominated for a BAFTA, I was the smallest cog in a hugely talented and skilled team - to confuse a metaphor.  But regardless of all that, I'm proud of the achievement of the team that I was part of.

[From right] Emma, Dan, Me (with boom)
[p.s. I'd like to credit this picture, but I don't know whos it is]
Also this week, a stop motion piece I co-directed (Scubaboy) won a RAD award - that's Recruitment ADvertising awards to you.  So a bit of the old 'career' and a bit of the new this week.  Nice to be involved in both projects and in different ways, very proud of them.

A little stop motion paper plane leaves the pages of a book.
[Do you get the effect of the stop motion from a still?]