A Family Flees [in development]

'A Family Flees' is a feature length micro-budget drama centered around a fragmented and dysfunctional family coming together during a worldwide catastrophic event.

In the midst of a frantic, disorientating event, the safety of the Grey family is at risk.  Fearing the rioting, disasters and danger the city holds, the father - Jim - takes his family out the city and finding little place else to go that seems safe, they retreat to a seemingly abandoned house in the middle of the countryside.  With the father, mother and two children all coming to terms with the potential loss of civilisation and the impending threat of the spread of catastrophy getting nearer to their safe place, they must all come to terms with their new way of life and start living together as a family for the first time.


02.2013 - I'm still occasionally working on this film (and hope to get it up going again in the future) but for now I'm concentrating on InPerfection and a few more shorts.

12.2011 - Raising funds considered.  Script writing continues.

11.2011 - 1st Draft Screenplay writing commences.  Meetings with collaborators.

10.2011 - Plot structure finalised.  Location mood-board and budgetary considerations. Research continues.

09.2011 - Research continues, character briefs and meeting with potential collaborators.

08.2011 - Story outline and research commences.