New Volunteer - People & Leaves [live promo]

New Volunteer asked us if we fancied working with them and Nathan Johnson (of Cinematic Underground fame) to produce a live performance video - which of course we did.

Armed only with a bunch of cheap handicams and enough tape to shoot a feature, we headed down to the south coast with little idea of what we were going to do.

As it turned out we spent a very pleasant day with the guys, (and some old friends) and managed to film something which we think turned out ok. This is the first track we've got round to cutting - hopefully we'll find time to get the rest put together eventually.

Director - Scubaboy, Chris Stone and Nathan Johnson
Shot by - Scubaboy, Chris Stone, Gaz Kishere & probably some others
Editor - Scubaboy
Production Company - Scubaboy Inc

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