Cagedbaby - Forced

Music promo for Cagedbaby, commissioned by Southern Fried Records and starring Mr Tom Gandey (otherwise known as Cagedbaby).

This project was turned round in a pretty short time-frame and required a lot of help from some good friends. All of Toms footage was shot on a DSLR shooting in frame burst mode and then processed at 6 fps. The rest of the content was a mix-mash of photographs and hand-drawn sketches. It was comped and animated in After Effects.

Writer & Director - Scubaboy & Chris Stone
Stills/Pixellation - Sam Napper
Design and Animation - Scubaboy
Makeup - Laura Hunter
Production Assistant - Ellie Garrett
Starring - Tom Gandey [Cagedbaby]
Commissioner - Katy Ellis
Production Company - Scubaboy Inc

Screenings and Accolades
Front Page Myspace Exclusive for single release.
Screened on freshly squeezed on T4