My Dream / My Reality -


My Dream / My Reality - Short Film

From a real story about the emotional and psychological impact of sex trafficking from the point of view of the victim.

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A Family Flees [in development]

'A Family Flees' is a feature length micro-budget drama centered around a fragmented and dysfunctional family coming together during a worldwide catastrophic event.

In the midst of a frantic, disorientating event, the safety of the Grey family is at risk.  Fearing the rioting, disasters and danger the city holds, the father - Jim - takes his family out the city and finding little place else to go that seems safe, they retreat to a seemingly abandoned house in the middle of the countryside.  With the father, mother and two children all coming to terms with the potential loss of civilisation and the impending threat of the spread of catastrophy getting nearer to their safe place, they must all come to terms with their new way of life and start living together as a family for the first time.


02.2013 - I'm still occasionally working on this film (and hope to get it up going again in the future) but for now I'm concentrating on InPerfection and a few more shorts.

12.2011 - Raising funds considered.  Script writing continues.

11.2011 - 1st Draft Screenplay writing commences.  Meetings with collaborators.

10.2011 - Plot structure finalised.  Location mood-board and budgetary considerations. Research continues.

09.2011 - Research continues, character briefs and meeting with potential collaborators.

08.2011 - Story outline and research commences.

Frank Turner - Peggy Sang The Blues

Video for Frank Turner's new single 'Peggy Sang The Blues' out now. Taken from the album 'England Keep My Bones' released on 6th June 2011. The Album entered the UK charts at number 12 which was very exciting.

Shot on a rainy day in March at the Farm Studios, Bristol with a lovely crew

Director - Scubaboy
1st AD - Calum Carpenter
Cinematography - Robbie Bryant
1st AC - Dan Toomer
Gaffer - Nick Pitt
Art Director - Jen Saguaro
Production Assistants - Annie Laurie / Niall White
Commisioner - Charlie Caplowe / Frank Turner
Studio - The Farm Studio, Bristol
Production Company - Scubaboy Inc

Unkle ft Nick Cave - Money & Run [live visual]

This is the official live visual for the UNKLE track 'Money and Run' featuring Nick Cave. This is designed to be projected onto large screens while UNKLE tour around the world, so whilst it is hopefully good to see on your computer, its much better to see on a 20ft screen.

We filmed Nick at UNKLEs studio in Brighton then did all the post over a week or so in our studio in Bristol. It's now touring around with UNKLE along with the other visuals we made last year and some other pre-existing ones.

Directed by: Scubaboy / James Lavelle
Designed, animated and cut by: Scubaboy

Mr Fogg - Moving Parts

Music Promo for Mr Fogg commissioned through Radar Music Videos.

Originally we planned to shoot this as a live action piece, but reworked it as an animation after meeting with Mr Fogg. It went through a few different incarnations before we ended up here.

Animated in After Effects, character illustrations by all other illustrations badly done by Scubaboy.

REEL Shorts Chicago Film Festival 2010 : Screening
Rushes Soho Short: Music Video Category 2010 : Nominated
Featured on PromoNews : Which was exciting

Cagedbaby - Forced

Music promo for Cagedbaby, commissioned by Southern Fried Records and starring Mr Tom Gandey (otherwise known as Cagedbaby).

This project was turned round in a pretty short time-frame and required a lot of help from some good friends. All of Toms footage was shot on a DSLR shooting in frame burst mode and then processed at 6 fps. The rest of the content was a mix-mash of photographs and hand-drawn sketches. It was comped and animated in After Effects.

Writer & Director - Scubaboy & Chris Stone
Stills/Pixellation - Sam Napper
Design and Animation - Scubaboy
Makeup - Laura Hunter
Production Assistant - Ellie Garrett
Starring - Tom Gandey [Cagedbaby]
Commissioner - Katy Ellis
Production Company - Scubaboy Inc

Screenings and Accolades
Front Page Myspace Exclusive for single release.
Screened on freshly squeezed on T4

New Volunteer - People & Leaves [live promo]

New Volunteer asked us if we fancied working with them and Nathan Johnson (of Cinematic Underground fame) to produce a live performance video - which of course we did.

Armed only with a bunch of cheap handicams and enough tape to shoot a feature, we headed down to the south coast with little idea of what we were going to do.

As it turned out we spent a very pleasant day with the guys, (and some old friends) and managed to film something which we think turned out ok. This is the first track we've got round to cutting - hopefully we'll find time to get the rest put together eventually.

Director - Scubaboy, Chris Stone and Nathan Johnson
Shot by - Scubaboy, Chris Stone, Gaz Kishere & probably some others
Editor - Scubaboy
Production Company - Scubaboy Inc